We do tend to spend a lot on our designer bags, and for good reasons too:

  • They never go out of style
  • They are made from the highest quality materials
  • They can make any outfit go from drab to fab!

This is why it is so important to have somewhere you can trust to send them when they become soiled over time, or an accidental spillage happens (heaven forbid!).


I recently moved to Sydney from the UK in search of bluer skies. During the last 6 years in the UK I set up and ran luxury handbag restoration company The Handbag Spa.

Fresh from University where I studied a Fashion Degree, I worked alongside LTT Leathercare, a world renowned leather restoration training school, where I learnt absolutely everything there is to know about cleaning and restoring leather. From there I started small with a website and Facebook page and the business began to grow. By the time I decided to leave, The Handbag Spa were taking in 100's of handbags a month. This included every designer you could possibly imagine which help broaden my knowledge and understanding of the specialist techniques needed for each individual bag.

So now I am here in Sydney, and I wish to continue my love of restoring handbags with my new brand, BAGSAMORÉ.


The products and processes we use at BAGSAMORÉ have been specially developed specifically for designer bags. The restoration products we use are all produced in Europe and are of the highest quality. We do not use harmful chemicals to clean bags. We understand how delicate the finishes are and only use gentle water-based products to protect the high quality finishes and maintain the look and feel of the leather.

Sorry! But we do not offer hardware replacements or major stitching repairs as it is our aim to preserve the authenticity of each bag that comes through our doors. We recommend any repairs of this nature should be carried out by the manufacturer themselves otherwise you run the risk of de-valuing your bag. You are welcome to use our services before or after these repairs are carried out.


Please do feel free to leave us a review, your feedback is extremely valuable to us.


Handbags can be expensive and are nearly always sentimental, these two characteristics mean that a bag can stay with its owner for a very long time. Additionally, the high quality methods used to create luxury handbags ensures that they survive where cheaper goods may perish. This results in a sustainable item which contradicts the usual throw away nature of society. Bagsamore is proud to help care for these items, resulting in longer loved bags and less landfill.

In addition to the general nature of our work, we also incorporate sustainability into our everyday workwomanship. This includes -

  • Recycling and reusing our packaging to reduce waste.
  • Using biodegrading cleaning cloths which are reusable and made with sustainable practices.
  • The products we use are water based, long lasting and non-toxic.

Our products are a premium, yet affordable way to enhance the life of luxury handbags. They protect against rain, UV damage, liquid stains and oils. Importantly for sustainability - we have also introduced a refill scheme to encourage our customers to reuse the same bottle instead of replacing it with a new one, this ensures packaging and plastic bottle use is minimised.

Additionally, for every bottle sold we will donate 1% of our profits to our chosen human rights charity to help prevent exploitation within the fashion industry.

Our services make it easier for customers to look after their new purchases but we also encourage people to buy second hand. Our cleaning products allow customers to have confidence that they will be able to thoroughly clean and restore second-hand bags, again preventing such items from simply going to landfill and helping to close the recycle loop.