Louis Vuitton Vachetta Colour Change

When vachetta gets too dry, dark and discoloured the best option is to dye it to a darker colour to give it a new lease on life. We firstly dye the vachetta for a permanent change then finish off with a light coat of pigment for a sealed finish. This is great for longevity and a professional finish.

Lady Dior Patent Colour Change

This show stopper bag came in for a colour change to black after looking discoloured and stained over time. We rested the vernis using a professional strength dye that is absorbed deep in to the leather and won’t transfer on to your clothes or hands. This is a permanent fix for discoloured or stained patent leather.

Balenciaga Handle Rope Replacement and Leather Recolour

One of the most common areas to go on Balenciaga bags is the rope that is woven through the handle. We course a moving colour and size rope to thread through and take out the old rope. With this bag we also restored the leather back to its original colour. The bag left us feeling soft, looking shiny and refreshed. A full bag spa experience for this Balenciaga.

Givenchy Antigona Colour Wear

This Givenchy Antigona was showing classic signs of wear on the tabs and handles. We fully cleaned the bag and degreased the handles before mixing a colour to match. We then touched up the colour using airbrushing techniques and finished with a satin gloss finish.

Chanel Lambskin Spa

This vintage Chanel bag had been previously restored by someone else. The pigments used were too heavily applied, the wrong colour and had started to crack. We stripped off the colour before refinishing with a light tinted finish. This maintains the softness of the Lambskin whilst enhancing the colour. Now this bag feels soft, is back to its original colour and no longer has cracking.

Miu Miu Colour Restoration

Miu Miu bags have a tendency to fade over time. The leathers are soft and susceptible to staining. With this bag we fully cleaned it inside and out and then made a tinted finish matching the original colour of the leather which we found around the bow section. We lightly coloured the leather over evenly, keeping the original look feel and finish of the leather.