Yves Saint Laurent Clean and Restore

Leather Clean, Dye Transfer Removal, Colour Touch Up and Edging Repairs were all carried out on this beautiful Yves Saint Laurent to prepare her for re-sale. The full interior and exterior was professionally cleaned and the dye transfer removed before the colour was matched. We then concentrated on restoring the areas that suffered from colour wear before finishing off the edging with a new coat.

Céline Box Bag Scratch Repairs

The delicate smooth leather on this Céline bag meant it was prone to scratching. After a few wears the owner decided to have the scratches removed and the surface re-finished. The colour was expertly matched and the scratched smoothed out for a high quality finish. Alongside a professional clean this bag is back to looking its best.

Chanel Piping Repair

Possibly one of our most popular services! This vintage Chanel was booked in for a Leather Clean and Piping Repair to its bottom corner where the leather had worn through exposing the plastic underneath. We meticulously repaired the leather back together.smoothing over the surface, strengthening the area. You would never even know a hole was there!

Salvatore Ferragamo Clean and Stain Removal

This poor Salvatore Ferragamo bag had been sat at the back of the wardrobe unused for a year due to liquid staining. Once the owner discovered our services she sent it in with the hope of using it again. This particular bag was made from an unfinished aniline style leather, which requires specialist cleaning. Using only water based products we were able to remove all the stains and give the bag a new layer of protection so she could wear it again with confidence.

Miu Miu Colour Restore

This Miu Miu bag was seriously affected by UV damage, dye transfer and dirt build up. Its original colour faded and long forgotten. The leather was professionally cleaned using water based products and any dye transfer was removed before the bag was bought back to life using colour restoration techniques. We carefully found a small piece of unaffected leather inside that had not discoloured from wear. We then ,matched this and refinished the entire bag maintaining its soft feel.

Hermés Colour Touch Up

Hermés handbags can sometimes be made from two tone leathers such as this one. This means there is a top and bottom colour. In order to restore just a small area requires the top colour to be matched perfectly. When this is achieved, like in this image here, there is no noticeable sign of repair. A great example of the importance of colour matching.

Chanel Mould Removal

This climate can be quite volatile on our leather goods, causing mould and mildew to occur. But this needn’t be a problem with our mould cleaning service. Using only water based cleaners proven to kill 99% of bacteria and to eliminate mould on leather, you know your bag is in the best hands. Not only this but it neutralises odours too! Whether it is your favourite bag or pair of boots that has been affected by mould contact us today for a quote to see how we can help.

YSL Edging Repair

The edges on this bag had become so worn the inking had come off in a number of places making this bag look untidy. This inking is commonly found around the edges of bags and on handles. We colour matched to the original edging and re-painted the whole lot. This transformed this YSL leather bag and it is now ready to hit the town again.

Céline Interior Suede Clean

The suede interior of this Céline had become dirty after many wears. Day to day debris had collected and the surface had become dirty. We professionally cleaned the suede lining removing all dirt and giving it a new fresh feeling.

Givenchy Colour Touch Up

This is a common problem that occurs on Givenchy Antigona handbags. The delicate finish can easily become worn revealing a darker colour underneath. The only way to fix this is to touch up the colour. Here we matched the colour around the mark and touched in where the bag was affected on the front and the handles. Crisis averted!

Leather Ink Removal

This customers favourite bag had suffered from a biro mark after being stored away. The customer had lost hope before she found our services. We expertly removed as much ink as possible before matching the colour and refinishing the area. The ink was successfully removed and the customer can enjoy wearing her favourite bag again.

Handbag Stain Protection

When buying a new designer bag we always recommend to protect it before you use it. This especially important when it comes to light coloured leathers. Did you know that our protection services helps to prevent problems such as UV damage, dye transfer, ink stains, liquid stains and more. What’s more, our protection will not change the look, feel or finish of your bag in any way.

Givenchy Colour Revive

This Givenchy Pandora came in after being badly dyed from red to black by someone else. The finish was shiny and was drying the leather out. We took off what colour we could and re-dyed the leather using professional water based dyes. Our dyes are high in pigment so give a nice rich finish, penetrating deep in to the leather without causing any transfer on to clothes. Although the before and after is subtle the leather was left with a much richer satin finish.

Scratch Repair

A closer look at the Céline Scratch Repair treatment. Don’t let scratches and scuffs affect the look of your bag. Our professional leather repair and colour match service will fix any surface damage restoring the leather back to its original self.

Dior Purse Clean and Stain Removal

The owner of this purse had acquired it second hand, along with a few areas of damage and a mystery stain on the front. Using specialist cleaning products we eliminated the possibilities before finding the right product to remove it. The fabric now is clean with no stains and is ready to use again.

Chanel Lamb Skin Leather Repair

The corners on this Chanel lamb skin leather were so badly worn it had become broken and rough. Pieces of leather were coming away leaving the bag weak and exposed to further damage. We re-sealed the area saving as much of the existing leather as we could before we recoloured and refinished the area. This gave the bag new strength and transformed it visually.

Chanel Suede Clean

Suede get dirty very easily with use and can soon look dull and worn. The dirt build up on the surface leaves the leather looking uneven with stains. We thoroughly but carefully cleaned the surface using an in house suede cleaning techniques and removed al the surface dirt eliminating the stain on the back.

Lining Stitching Repair

The lining on this vintage Chanel handbag had become torn and ripped exposing all its inners. We carefully sewed up the seam, securing it with matching thread. Vintage Chanel lining can often become damaged or peel over time. In some cases this can be easily fixed. Find out more on our services page.

Gucci Scratch Removal

Scratches can quickly ruin the appearance of your bag, especially on a smooth matte black leather such as this. We smoothed out the surface using specialist leather repair techniques and re-finished with a matte black mixed to match exactly. The results look great!

Prada Leather Lining Ink Removal

This pale pink leather lining has ink stains all over! We removed as much loose ink as possible, matched the colour of the leather and re-coloured the lining. It’s lids on pens from now on!

Chanel Interior Clean

This Chanel came in with a worn and dirty interior. There were numerous stains on the leather from heavy use. We carried out a deep clean on the interior removing the surface dirt and debris. We then recoloured the interior to give the leather lining a free new look.

Chanel Corner Repair

The corners on this Chanel Caviar Leather had become worn through completely. The bag was looking tired well used. After a Clean we carried out surface repairs to the leather before touching up the colour and refinishing the leather in satin sheen to match the original look and feel.

Chanel le Boy Colour Restore

Tired, faded and worn around the edges from use, this Chanel le Boy was ready for some TLC. We expertly cleaned the leather with water based cleaners before repairing the damaged edges. There were a number of scratches on the interior which we eliminated before carrying out a Colour Restore over the full bag. The bag now has many more seasons wear left.

Prada Saffiano Tote Colour Touch Up

This bag repair was carried out on the corners. The Prada bag had become slightly worn with use and needed touching up on a few small areas. We expertly matched the original baby blue colour before refinishing the surface. You would now never know the damage was there!

Gucci Canvas Fade Restore

This gorgeous Gucci Changing bag came in looking faded and well worn. The UV damage had caused the rich black colour to turn brown. We professionally cleaned the fabric and dyed the canvas back to its original black colour. We also carried out an anti-bacterial treatment to ensure the bag was fully clean for the mum-to-be.

Hermés Birkin Colour Touch Up

A colour match and touch up on the corners made all the difference on this Hermés Birkin bag. We professionally matched the colour and touched in only the areas that needed it for a flawless finish on this all time classic. Leather repair at its best

Gucci Loafers Restoration

These well loved Gucci shoes were ready for the bin. After many wears the leather was worn, discoloured and damaged. We fully cleaned the shoes before finding a sample of the original colour. We then colour restored the entire show and finished with a satin sheen. They practically look new again!

Tod’s Scratch Removal

A cat scratch on this brand new Tod’s bag had the customer in bits. We repaired the area and finished off with a Stain Protect to protect the light coloured leather from discolouration. It looks as good as new again and scratch free!

Longchamp Backpack Fabric Clean

Well used and collecting dirt, this Longchamp Backpack was ready for a clean after travelling the world. The fabric had collected dye transfer and dirt build up from daily use and the vibrant red had become discoloured. We cleaned the bag using a water based technique which removed the discolouration and restored the rich red colour.

Valentino Shoe Repair

The toe points on this gorgeous pair of Valentino shoes had become damaged after a night out. The leather had torn and ripped. We sealed down the leather and smoothed over using filling techniques for leather. We then matched the colour a touched up areas that needed it.

Mulberry Lily Dye Transfer Removal

The off white leather on this Mulberry is prone to picking up dye transfer. Along with a mosquito spray spillage the finish had become compromised and the bag was looking severely discoloured. We cleaned the surface before removing the dye and colour restoring the entire bag back to its original colour. The leather was transformed!

Givenchy Handle Restore

After cleaning using incorrect products the colour on this Givenchy had come off on the handles leaving them looking well worn and dirty. We cleaned the area and restored the leather back to matchbusing professional leather pigments and finishes. Now you would never know it had happened.

Chanel Colour Restore

This vintage Chanel had become faded and worn over time. The leather around the zip having lost almost all of its colour. We cleaned the full bag inside and out before matching the colour and finishing with a satin gloss finish. The lambskin feels silky soft and the colour is restored.

Gucci Full Restoration

Clean, Colour and Edging. This Gucci bag had the works. A full interior and exterior clean along with a handle degrease to remove unwanted body oils that had built up over time. We then matched the original colour and edged the full bag. The results were amazing!

Chanel Espadrille Restore

These Chanel Espadrilles had become scuffed and damaged with use. We repaired the soft lambskin leather by fixing back down the lifted leather and matching the colour with specialist leather pigments.

Louis Vuitton Interior Clean

The interior on this Louis Vuitton was heavily soiled and stained. We removed all the debris and cleaned the interior. Although some stains remained there was significant improvement to the whole bag. We can not guarantee full removal of stains from fabric but aim to reduce as much as possible.

Louis Vuitton Handle Edging

The signature red edging on Louis Vuitton handbags quickly becomes faded with use, making your bag look tired and well used. Here at Bagsamoré we can match the edging and restore it, giving your bag a new lease on life.

Prada Suede Clean

Ink can sometimes be impossible to remove from suede, but in this instance it was sat lightly on the surface enabling us to remove it entirely! If full removal is not possible there are options to dye suede to a darker colour. Find out how we can help today!

Gucci Canvas Stain Removal

These mysterious black stains were ruining the appearance of this gorgeous Gucci bag. We professionally cleaned the fabric removing the stains and freshening up the entire canvas. This bag looked as good as new when it was finished!

Loeffler Randall Backpack Restore

The surface of the leather on this backpack had become worn in places and a scratch had occurred on the flap. We colour matched the Leather and refinished the surface. This eliminated any signs on colour wear and scratches.

Chanel Stitch Repair

A common problem to occur on Chanel flap handbags. The securing stitch comes loose. Here we matched the colour thread and stitched back through the existing holes for a seamless repair looking just like the original.

Céline Crease Removal

The customer had attempted to clean the bag themselves which resulted in the leather creasing when dry. We recleaned the bag and smoothed out the leather. The customer was so happy she left us a review.

Céline Stain Removal

The python leather on this Céline All Soft has suffered from a water stain. We cleaned the area using waterbased products designed for cleaning delicate leathers such as python. We then corrected the rest of the stained area using pigments professionally colour matched for a clean finish.

Mulberry Alexa Clean and Dye Transfer Removal

The white leather on this Mulberry Alexa was susceptible to staining. The light colour picked up dye transfer from jeans and the colour was starting wear on the corners. We cleaned the bag inside out and carried out stain removal techniques on the leather. Once we removed all excess staining we restored the leather using leather pigments, perfectly matched for a professional finished.

Leather Handbag Scratch Removal

Smooth lambskin leather can easily scratch and can result in your bag looking well worn very quickly. This can easily occur around the opening of the bag. We smoothed out the scratches and refinished the surface and the results speak for themselves.

Miu Miu Tear Repair

The heavy duty hardware on this bag had resulted in a tear by the clasp. In order to secure the area neatly we repaired the leather back together and smoothed over the surface for an invisible leather bag repair.

Louis Vuitton Coated Canvas Colour Restore

One of the more common problem to occur on Louis Vuitton white coated canvas is yellowing. On this particular bag the front pocket had become so yellow it deemed the bag unusable. We carefully repainted the surface restoring the white coated canvas back to its original colour whilst preserving the multi colour LV print.

Vintage Bamboo Gucci Suede Clean

This vintage Gucci was looking stained and discoloured on the suede front and back panels. We professionally cleaned the suede removing the surface dirt whilst being careful to preserve its original colour and feel. The results were so successful the customer left us a five star review!

Gucci Handle Edging

With vintage Gucci it is common for the dark brown edging to wear away on the handles and straps. We match the original colour edging paint, smooth down the surface and paint along the edge carefully for a nice clean fresh look. This instantly smartens the appearance of the bag and strengthens the edges too!

Chanel Deauville Tote Clean

White fabric can be a nightmare to keep clean! Luckily this particular canvas is slightly coated which enables for successful cleaning of dirt build up and dye transfer. This particular Chanel fabric cleaned up really nicely and is now ready for another seasons wear!

Gucci Disco Interior Clean

An unfortunate incident with some toothpaste happened and stained the inside of this Gucci Disco bag. We gave the lining a deep fabric clean and removed all the excess toothpaste. The lining is now clean and free from any staining.

Chloé Suede Clean

The opening on this Chloé bag meant that a build of dirt occurred over the logo on the front. Over time this kept getting darker and darker. We professionally cleaned the suede area being careful to preserve the embossed logo. We managed to lighten the stain and provided advice to the customer for future care.

Chloé Suede Clean

The back of this Chloé bag had become dirty from a build up of dye transfer. When dye transfer occurs on Suede it reduces the colour of the leather so can quite often be not fully removed. We cleaned the area thoroughly using our in-house suede cleaning techniques and managed to lighten the staining considerably.

Céline Colour Touch Up

Scuffs happen! But it’s especially annoying on a brand new bag! Luckily this customer found us online and brought her bag straight in. We match the colour and carefully touched in the area. After this Colout Touch Up service you would never know it was there.

Louis Vuitton Clean and Vachetta Restore

This Louis Vuitton Noé had suffered from a number of liquid stains on the vachetta base. We cleaned the full bag inside and out and carried out stain removal processes on certain areas. We then conditioned the fully bag to keep the leather soft and supple. The bag was transformed!

Louis Vuitton Cleaning and Stain Removal

This is a side view of the worst stained area. The leather was delicate from the spillage which can cause areas to crack over time. We conditioned and reinforced the area to prevent future wear to the leather.

Louis Vuitton Interior Clean

The interior of this Louis Vuitton was heavily soiled with a white powder on the surface caused by mildew. We cleaned the interior with a specialist enzyme cleaner for handbags. This killed any unwanted bacteria and smells and brought the lining back up to looking its best.

YSL Colour Touch Up

A small stain had turned in to a big problem on this YSL. Where the client had tried to clean off the mark had caused the colour to come away. This resulted in a much larger area requiring attention. We cleaned the rest of the stain and colour matched to perfection so we only needed to touch up the area of leather that was required. This resulted in a professional finish and you can’t even see where the stain was!

Gucci Colour Touch Up

Not only does Gucci Canvas Clean really well but the leather trim also restores really nicely. We match the colour exactly and touch up areas of wear and scuffing. This particular Gucci bag has worn corners. The work resulted in all areas of leather wear being eliminated

Furla Stain Removal

When handbags have a really matte finish, even the smallest things can cause the finish to come away. This Furla had a few splashes on the front and no amount of cleaning would remove them. After we diagnosed the problem we refinished the area with a matte finish.

Gucci Lining Ink Removal

It is not always possible to remove ink from fabric but in this case with the Gucci linen lining the ink has been removed. This can be dependent on things such as type of fabric, ink and how long the stain had been there. In this instance the ink was very loose and with the right products it was removed safely.

Aniline Leather Restore and Revive

This gorgeous aniline leather bag was looking dry and worn. We specialise in this type of Leather at Bagsamoré and rather than using colour to restore this, we cleaned and conditioned the leather. This brought back its colour, eliminated scratched and most importantly kept its character.

Gucci Ink Removal

This Gucci came in with a tiny ink stain on the front. We carefully removed the ink and touched up the area with a small amount of colour to match. You would never know the ink stain was there!

Kenzo Matte Finish

This is a great example of how matte finish can wear away. At first it looks like a stain but this is not something sitting on the surface. This is where the matte finish has come away revealing a shiny surface underneath. With refinished the area and rectified the mark.

Marc Jacobs Wallet Colour Change

This metallic silver men’s Marc Jacobs wallet had become worn over time and started looking a green colour in areas. We dyed the full wallet to black and gave it a new lease on life.

Chanel Stain Removal

This delicate vintage lambskin unfinished leather came in with minor staining caused by the glue around the edges. We professionally cleaned the area removing the stain whilst retaining the soft lambskin feel.

Handbag Dye Colour Restore

This bag had become faded over time. This can be due to wear and tear and uv damage. We matched the original colour of the leather with a dye and restored the colour. Alongside this we conditioned the leather to keep it soft and supple.

Radley Clean and Colour Restore

The leather had become light and faded on this Radley bag. The original colour could be seen under the flap. We cleaned and conditioned the leather before dying the bag back to its original colour. By using dyes you retain the original look and feel if the leather.

Louis Vuitton Dye Transfer Removal

The coated canvas on this white LV Monogram has picked up dye transfer on the corners. As the canvas has a plastic coating on the surface it is not possible to remove problems such as dye transfer through cleaning alone. In this instance we repainted the canvas to eliminate the blue stain.

Prada Colour Restore

This aniline leather Prada came in looking tired and faded. We restored the colour using dyes to retain the authentic natural look of leather. Dying the leather means the colour is absorbed and will wear in the same way as the original leather. It won’t change the look or feel. The dyes will not transfer on to your clothes or anything else.

Leather Repair

The edges on this bag had become worn and damaged. We rebuilt the area before colour restoring and refinishing the leather.

Prada Interior Makeup Removal

This Prada Tote suffered from a make up spillage inside the interior pocket. We have all experienced a makeup explosion of some sort and in this instance it was foundation. We removed all the excess foundation and then cleaned the leather and fabric inside.

Louis Vuitton Edging Repair

The edging around this Louis Vuitton had become worn in a number of places and in some areas was completely missing. We filled in the areas that needed it and glazed the edges to match the original.

Chanel Key Holder Restore.

This cute little key holder had become worn and discoloured with use. We cleaned the leather before matching and restoring the colour. Now this key holder has a new lease on life.