Tod’s Scratch Removal

A cat scratch on this brand new Tod’s bag had the customer in bits. We repaired the area and finished off with a Stain Protect to protect the light coloured leather from discolouration. It looks as good as new again and scratch free!

Gucci Loafers Restoration

These well loved Gucci shoes were ready for the bin. After many wears the leather was worn, discoloured and damaged. We fully cleaned the shoes before finding a sample of the original colour. We then colour restored the entire show and finished with a satin sheen. They practically look new again!

Hermés Birkin Colour Touch Up

A colour match and touch up on the corners made all the difference on this Hermés Birkin bag. We professionally matched the colour and touched in only the areas that needed it for a flawless finish on this all time classic. Leather repair at its best

Gucci Canvas Fade Restore

This gorgeous Gucci Changing bag came in looking faded and well worn. The UV damage had caused the rich black colour to turn brown. We professionally cleaned the fabric and dyed the canvas back to its original black colour. We also carried out an anti-bacterial treatment to ensure the bag was fully clean for the mum-to-be.

Prada Saffiano Tote Colour Touch Up

This bag repair was carried out on the corners. The Prada bag had become slightly worn with use and needed touching up on a few small areas. We expertly matched the original baby blue colour before refinishing the surface. You would now never know the damage was there!

Chanel le Boy Colour Restore

Tired, faded and worn around the edges from use, this Chanel le Boy was ready for some TLC. We expertly cleaned the leather with water based cleaners before repairing the damaged edges. There were a number of scratches on the interior which we eliminated before carrying out a Colour Restore over the full bag. The bag now has many more seasons wear left.