Chanel Corner Repair

The corners on this Chanel Caviar Leather had become worn through completely. The bag was looking tired well used. After a Clean we carried out surface repairs to the leather before touching up the colour and refinishing the leather in satin sheen to match the original look and feel.

Chanel Interior Clean

This Chanel came in with a worn and dirty interior. There were numerous stains on the leather from heavy use. We carried out a deep clean on the interior removing the surface dirt and debris. We then recoloured the interior to give the leather lining a free new look.

Prada Leather Lining Ink Removal

This pale pink leather lining has ink stains all over! We removed as much loose ink as possible, matched the colour of the leather and re-coloured the lining. It’s lids on pens from now on!

Gucci Scratch Removal

Scratches can quickly ruin the appearance of your bag, especially on a smooth matte black leather such as this. We smoothed out the surface using specialist leather repair techniques and re-finished with a matte black mixed to match exactly. The results look great!

Lining Stitching Repair

The lining on this vintage Chanel handbag had become torn and ripped exposing all its inners. We carefully sewed up the seam, securing it with matching thread. Vintage Chanel lining can often become damaged or peel over time. In some cases this can be easily fixed. Find out more on our services page.

Chanel Suede Clean

Suede get dirty very easily with use and can soon look dull and worn. The dirt build up on the surface leaves the leather looking uneven with stains. We thoroughly but carefully cleaned the surface using an in house suede cleaning techniques and removed al the surface dirt eliminating the stain on the back.