Chanel Lamb Skin Leather Repair

The corners on this Chanel lamb skin leather were so badly worn it had become broken and rough. Pieces of leather were coming away leaving the bag weak and exposed to further damage. We re-sealed the area saving as much of the existing leather as we could before we recoloured and refinished the area. This gave the bag new strength and transformed it visually.

Dior Purse Clean and Stain Removal

The owner of this purse had acquired it second hand, along with a few areas of damage and a mystery stain on the front. Using specialist cleaning products we eliminated the possibilities before finding the right product to remove it. The fabric now is clean with no stains and is ready to use again.

Scratch Repair

A closer look at the Céline Scratch Repair treatment. Don’t let scratches and scuffs affect the look of your bag. Our professional leather repair and colour match service will fix any surface damage restoring the leather back to its original self.

Givenchy Colour Revive

This Givenchy Pandora came in after being badly dyed from red to black by someone else. The finish was shiny and was drying the leather out. We took off what colour we could and re-dyed the leather using professional water based dyes. Our dyes are high in pigment so give a nice rich finish, penetrating deep in to the leather without causing any transfer on to clothes. Although the before and after is subtle the leather was left with a much richer satin finish.

Handbag Stain Protection

When buying a new designer bag we always recommend to protect it before you use it. This especially important when it comes to light coloured leathers. Did you know that our protection services helps to prevent problems such as UV damage, dye transfer, ink stains, liquid stains and more. What’s more, our protection will not change the look, feel or finish of your bag in any way.

Leather Ink Removal

This customers favourite bag had suffered from a biro mark after being stored away. The customer had lost hope before she found our services. We expertly removed as much ink as possible before matching the colour and refinishing the area. The ink was successfully removed and the customer can enjoy wearing her favourite bag again.