Céline Interior Suede Clean

The suede interior of this Céline had become dirty after many wears. Day to day debris had collected and the surface had become dirty. We professionally cleaned the suede lining removing all dirt and giving it a new fresh feeling.

YSL Edging Repair

The edges on this bag had become so worn the inking had come off in a number of places making this bag look untidy. This inking is commonly found around the edges of bags and on handles. We colour matched to the original edging and re-painted the whole lot. This transformed this YSL leather bag and it is now ready to hit the town again.

Chanel Mould Removal

This climate can be quite volatile on our leather goods, causing mould and mildew to occur. But this needn’t be a problem with our mould cleaning service. Using only water based cleaners proven to kill 99% of bacteria and to eliminate mould on leather, you know your bag is in the best hands. Not only this but it neutralises odours too! Whether it is your favourite bag or pair of boots that has been affected by mould contact us today for a quote to see how we can help.

Hermés Colour Touch Up

Hermés handbags can sometimes be made from two tone leathers such as this one. This means there is a top and bottom colour. In order to restore just a small area requires the top colour to be matched perfectly. When this is achieved, like in this image here, there is no noticeable sign of repair. A great example of the importance of colour matching.

Miu Miu Colour Restore

This Miu Miu bag was seriously affected by UV damage, dye transfer and dirt build up. Its original colour faded and long forgotten. The leather was professionally cleaned using water based products and any dye transfer was removed before the bag was bought back to life using colour restoration techniques. We carefully found a small piece of unaffected leather inside that had not discoloured from wear. We then ,matched this and refinished the entire bag maintaining its soft feel.

Salvatore Ferragamo Clean and Stain Removal

This poor Salvatore Ferragamo bag had been sat at the back of the wardrobe unused for a year due to liquid staining. Once the owner discovered our services she sent it in with the hope of using it again. This particular bag was made from an unfinished aniline style leather, which requires specialist cleaning. Using only water based products we were able to remove all the stains and give the bag a new layer of protection so she could wear it again with confidence.