Valentino Colour Change

This Valentino colour change from nude to a gorgeous royal blue was one of our favourites recently! The customer sent us in an item of clothing that she wanted us to colour match to 💙 We custom mix every colour so you can have what ever you like! Want the same? Get a quote today!

Chloé Colour Change

This stained well loved Chloé backpack came in for a new lease on life. We matched the colours to a picture sent across by the client.

Vintage Chanel Suede Cleaning

Over time the dirt build up on the suede caused the appearance to become flat and shiny. Our specialist suede clean lifted the dirt whilst restoring the original nap to the leather. This in turn improved the colour of the suede making it look black once again. If you have a suede item that needs help then message us with images today!

Valentino Heel Tips and Leather Repair

New heel tips and a leather repair for these damaged Valentino heels. For a quote message us today!

Chanel colour change!

We love a revamp to beautiful black. This bag now has a new lease on life

Givenchy Handle Restoration

This is such a common sign of ageing with bags! First we cleaned and degreased the leather. We then prepped and edged the handles before finishing off with a new colour matched coat of pigment