Chanel Corner Colour Touch Up

The perfect treatment to bring your bag back to looking it’s best. This Chanel had suffered from wear and tear, so we carefully restored it back to its former glory.

Chanel Slingback Restoration

That’s right! We do shoes too. For these we repaired the damaged leather on the heels and touched up the colour with a custom matched leather pigment. We never use polish of any kind on shoes. Luxury designer shoes should be treated in much the same way as your designer bag.

Saint Laurent Suede Stain Removal

This bag came in with a mysterious stain on the front. We removed the stain using our specialist in house suede cleaning techniques. This removed the staining without removing the colour and maintaining the softness. You can’t get results like it anywhere else.

Dior Colour Change

This gorgeous Dior came in for a full makeover. The customer sent us her desired colour and we matched it. The choice of lavender against the gold hardware is a stunning choice. Finished with a high gloss top coat.

Louis Vuitton Vachetta Colour Change

When vachetta gets too dry, dark and discoloured the best option is to dye it to a darker colour to give it a new lease on life. We firstly dye the vachetta for a permanent change then finish off with a light coat of pigment for a sealed finish. This is great for longevity and a professional finish.

Lady Dior Patent Colour Change

This show stopper bag came in for a colour change to black after looking discoloured and stained over time. We rested the vernis using a professional strength dye that is absorbed deep in to the leather and won’t transfer on to your clothes or hands. This is a permanent fix for discoloured or stained patent leather.