Gucci Lining Ink Removal

It is not always possible to remove ink from fabric but in this case with the Gucci linen lining the ink has been removed. This can be dependent on things such as type of fabric, ink and how long the stain had been there. In this instance the ink was very loose and with the right products it was removed safely.

Kenzo Matte Finish

This is a great example of how matte finish can wear away. At first it looks like a stain but this is not something sitting on the surface. This is where the matte finish has come away revealing a shiny surface underneath. With refinished the area and rectified the mark.

Furla Stain Removal

When handbags have a really matte finish, even the smallest things can cause the finish to come away. This Furla had a few splashes on the front and no amount of cleaning would remove them. After we diagnosed the problem we refinished the area with a matte finish.

Gucci Colour Touch Up

Not only does Gucci Canvas Clean really well but the leather trim also restores really nicely. We match the colour exactly and touch up areas of wear and scuffing. This particular Gucci bag has worn corners. The work resulted in all areas of leather wear being eliminated

YSL Colour Touch Up

A small stain had turned in to a big problem on this YSL. Where the client had tried to clean off the mark had caused the colour to come away. This resulted in a much larger area requiring attention. We cleaned the rest of the stain and colour matched to perfection so we only needed to touch up the area of leather that was required. This resulted in a professional finish and you can’t even see where the stain was!

Louis Vuitton Interior Clean

The interior of this Louis Vuitton was heavily soiled with a white powder on the surface caused by mildew. We cleaned the interior with a specialist enzyme cleaner for handbags. This killed any unwanted bacteria and smells and brought the lining back up to looking its best.