Prada Colour Restore

This aniline leather Prada came in looking tired and faded. We restored the colour using dyes to retain the authentic natural look of leather. Dying the leather means the colour is absorbed and will wear in the same way as the original leather. It won’t change the look or feel. The dyes will not transfer on to your clothes or anything else.

Louis Vuitton Dye Transfer Removal

The coated canvas on this white LV Monogram has picked up dye transfer on the corners. As the canvas has a plastic coating on the surface it is not possible to remove problems such as dye transfer through cleaning alone. In this instance we repainted the canvas to eliminate the blue stain.

Radley Clean and Colour Restore

The leather had become light and faded on this Radley bag. The original colour could be seen under the flap. We cleaned and conditioned the leather before dying the bag back to its original colour. By using dyes you retain the original look and feel if the leather.

Handbag Dye Colour Restore

This bag had become faded over time. This can be due to wear and tear and uv damage. We matched the original colour of the leather with a dye and restored the colour. Alongside this we conditioned the leather to keep it soft and supple.

Gucci Ink Removal

This Gucci came in with a tiny ink stain on the front. We carefully removed the ink and touched up the area with a small amount of colour to match. You would never know the ink stain was there!

Chanel Stain Removal

This delicate vintage lambskin unfinished leather came in with minor staining caused by the glue around the edges. We professionally cleaned the area removing the stain whilst retaining the soft lambskin feel.