Chanel Key Holder Restore.

This cute little key holder had become worn and discoloured with use. We cleaned the leather before matching and restoring the colour. Now this key holder has a new lease on life.

Louis Vuitton Edging Repair

The edging around this Louis Vuitton had become worn in a number of places and in some areas was completely missing. We filled in the areas that needed it and glazed the edges to match the original.

Prada Interior Makeup Removal

This Prada Tote suffered from a make up spillage inside the interior pocket. We have all experienced a makeup explosion of some sort and in this instance it was foundation. We removed all the excess foundation and then cleaned the leather and fabric inside.

Leather Repair

The edges on this bag had become worn and damaged. We rebuilt the area before colour restoring and refinishing the leather.

Prada Colour Restore

This aniline leather Prada came in looking tired and faded. We restored the colour using dyes to retain the authentic natural look of leather. Dying the leather means the colour is absorbed and will wear in the same way as the original leather. It won’t change the look or feel. The dyes will not transfer on to your clothes or anything else.

Louis Vuitton Dye Transfer Removal

The coated canvas on this white LV Monogram has picked up dye transfer on the corners. As the canvas has a plastic coating on the surface it is not possible to remove problems such as dye transfer through cleaning alone. In this instance we repainted the canvas to eliminate the blue stain.