Chanel Deauville Tote Clean

White fabric can be a nightmare to keep clean! Luckily this particular canvas is slightly coated which enables for successful cleaning of dirt build up and dye transfer. This particular Chanel fabric cleaned up really nicely and is now ready for another seasons wear!

Gucci Handle Edging

With vintage Gucci it is common for the dark brown edging to wear away on the handles and straps. We match the original colour edging paint, smooth down the surface and paint along the edge carefully for a nice clean fresh look. This instantly smartens the appearance of the bag and strengthens the edges too!

Chanel Stitch Repair

A common problem to occur on Chanel flap handbags. The securing stitch comes loose. Here we matched the colour thread and stitched back through the existing holes for a seamless repair looking just like the original.

Vintage Bamboo Gucci Suede Clean

This vintage Gucci was looking stained and discoloured on the suede front and back panels. We professionally cleaned the suede removing the surface dirt whilst being careful to preserve its original colour and feel. The results were so successful the customer left us a five star review!

Louis Vuitton Coated Canvas Colour Restore

One of the more common problem to occur on Louis Vuitton white coated canvas is yellowing. On this particular bag the front pocket had become so yellow it deemed the bag unusable. We carefully repainted the surface restoring the white coated canvas back to its original colour whilst preserving the multi colour LV print.

Miu Miu Tear Repair

The heavy duty hardware on this bag had resulted in a tear by the clasp. In order to secure the area neatly we repaired the leather back together and smoothed over the surface for an invisible leather bag repair.