YSL Colour Touch Up

A small stain had turned in to a big problem on this YSL. Where the client had tried to clean off the mark had caused the colour to come away. This resulted in a much larger area requiring attention. We cleaned the rest of the stain and colour matched to perfection so we only needed to touch up the area of leather that was required. This resulted in a professional finish and you can’t even see where the stain was!

Louis Vuitton Interior Clean

The interior of this Louis Vuitton was heavily soiled with a white powder on the surface caused by mildew. We cleaned the interior with a specialist enzyme cleaner for handbags. This killed any unwanted bacteria and smells and brought the lining back up to looking its best.

Louis Vuitton Cleaning and Stain Removal

This is a side view of the worst stained area. The leather was delicate from the spillage which can cause areas to crack over time. We conditioned and reinforced the area to prevent future wear to the leather.

Louis Vuitton Clean and Vachetta Restore

This Louis Vuitton Noé had suffered from a number of liquid stains on the vachetta base. We cleaned the full bag inside and out and carried out stain removal processes on certain areas. We then conditioned the fully bag to keep the leather soft and supple. The bag was transformed!

Céline Colour Touch Up

Scuffs happen! But it’s especially annoying on a brand new bag! Luckily this customer found us online and brought her bag straight in. We match the colour and carefully touched in the area. After this Colout Touch Up service you would never know it was there.

Chloé Suede Clean

The back of this Chloé bag had become dirty from a build up of dye transfer. When dye transfer occurs on Suede it reduces the colour of the leather so can quite often be not fully removed. We cleaned the area thoroughly using our in-house suede cleaning techniques and managed to lighten the staining considerably.