Louis Vuitton Coated Canvas Colour Restore

One of the more common problem to occur on Louis Vuitton white coated canvas is yellowing. On this particular bag the front pocket had become so yellow it deemed the bag unusable. We carefully repainted the surface restoring the white coated canvas back to its original colour whilst preserving the multi colour LV print.

Miu Miu Tear Repair

The heavy duty hardware on this bag had resulted in a tear by the clasp. In order to secure the area neatly we repaired the leather back together and smoothed over the surface for an invisible leather bag repair.

Leather Handbag Scratch Removal

Smooth lambskin leather can easily scratch and can result in your bag looking well worn very quickly. This can easily occur around the opening of the bag. We smoothed out the scratches and refinished the surface and the results speak for themselves.

Mulberry Alexa Clean and Dye Transfer Removal

The white leather on this Mulberry Alexa was susceptible to staining. The light colour picked up dye transfer from jeans and the colour was starting wear on the corners. We cleaned the bag inside out and carried out stain removal techniques on the leather. Once we removed all excess staining we restored the leather using leather pigments, perfectly matched for a professional finished.

Céline Stain Removal

The python leather on this Céline All Soft has suffered from a water stain. We cleaned the area using waterbased products designed for cleaning delicate leathers such as python. We then corrected the rest of the stained area using pigments professionally colour matched for a clean finish.

Céline Crease Removal

The customer had attempted to clean the bag themselves which resulted in the leather creasing when dry. We recleaned the bag and smoothed out the leather. The customer was so happy she left us a review.