Loeffler Randall Backpack Restore

The surface of the leather on this backpack had become worn in places and a scratch had occurred on the flap. We colour matched the Leather and refinished the surface. This eliminated any signs on colour wear and scratches.

Gucci Canvas Stain Removal

These mysterious black stains were ruining the appearance of this gorgeous Gucci bag. We professionally cleaned the fabric removing the stains and freshening up the entire canvas. This bag looked as good as new when it was finished!

Prada Suede Clean

Ink can sometimes be impossible to remove from suede, but in this instance it was sat lightly on the surface enabling us to remove it entirely! If full removal is not possible there are options to dye suede to a darker colour. Find out how we can help today!

Louis Vuitton Handle Edging

The signature red edging on Louis Vuitton handbags quickly becomes faded with use, making your bag look tired and well used. Here at Bagsamoré we can match the edging and restore it, giving your bag a new lease on life.

Louis Vuitton Interior Clean

The interior on this Louis Vuitton was heavily soiled and stained. We removed all the debris and cleaned the interior. Although some stains remained there was significant improvement to the whole bag. We can not guarantee full removal of stains from fabric but aim to reduce as much as possible.

Chanel Espadrille Restore

These Chanel Espadrilles had become scuffed and damaged with use. We repaired the soft lambskin leather by fixing back down the lifted leather and matching the colour with specialist leather pigments.