Gucci Full Restoration

Clean, Colour and Edging. This Gucci bag had the works. A full interior and exterior clean along with a handle degrease to remove unwanted body oils that had built up over time. We then matched the original colour and edged the full bag. The results were amazing!

Chanel Colour Restore

This vintage Chanel had become faded and worn over time. The leather around the zip having lost almost all of its colour. We cleaned the full bag inside and out before matching the colour and finishing with a satin gloss finish. The lambskin feels silky soft and the colour is restored.

Givenchy Handle Restore

After cleaning using incorrect products the colour on this Givenchy had come off on the handles leaving them looking well worn and dirty. We cleaned the area and restored the leather back to matchbusing professional leather pigments and finishes. Now you would never know it had happened.

Mulberry Lily Dye Transfer Removal

The off white leather on this Mulberry is prone to picking up dye transfer. Along with a mosquito spray spillage the finish had become compromised and the bag was looking severely discoloured. We cleaned the surface before removing the dye and colour restoring the entire bag back to its original colour. The leather was transformed!

Valentino Shoe Repair

The toe points on this gorgeous pair of Valentino shoes had become damaged after a night out. The leather had torn and ripped. We sealed down the leather and smoothed over using filling techniques for leather. We then matched the colour a touched up areas that needed it.

Longchamp Backpack Fabric Clean

Well used and collecting dirt, this Longchamp Backpack was ready for a clean after travelling the world. The fabric had collected dye transfer and dirt build up from daily use and the vibrant red had become discoloured. We cleaned the bag using a water based technique which removed the discolouration and restored the rich red colour.