We Get It.

Bagsamoré is the brand you can trust to provide sophisticated handbag cleaning and repairs. Whether your bag is calling out for a quick refresh, repair or restore, Bagsamoré can do it for you.

Identify below what designer handbag repair service your bag requires.



A complete cleansing treatment to bring out your handbags best. Whether you’re after suede or leather cleaning, oil or mould removal, refreshing your designer handbag couldn’t be easier with our large selection of services.


Think bag spa. A pamper treatment. It’s the luxury handbag revival that removes stains and marks by using specialised colour techniques. Handbag restoration is all about colour work, colour matching and colour treatments.


Handbag surface repairs, targeting the wear and tear on your designer handbag or wallet. Repair services will get your designer handbag into the chic-shape it deserves.