Colour Change

Light coloured handbags can be hard to maintain and quite often become so severely discoloured that restoration can’t be successfully achieved. Or you may just be bored of the colour of your bag. Opting for a colour change can give your handbag a new lease on life. Whether your bag is a finished leather which requires pigments or is an unfinished leather, suede or fabric to be dyed, a colour change can transform the entire look of your bag.

from $300

Colour Change

Category: Restore

Recommended with this treatment: Edging/Inking

Service Includes:

  • Full Colour Change and Refinish to Leathers
  • Suede and Fabrics can be Dyed subject to colours

Suitable For:

  • All handbags

We Recommend:

If handles are in bad condition a Degreasing service would be recommended prior to this service for an additional $35.


Please note - we recommend going from a lighter colour to a darker colour to help maintain look and feel of leather. A Refresh service is required prior to this service.