Handbags can often become contaminated with grease. Makeup and food spillages, hand cream and sun cream on handles. For this we recommend a Degreasing treatment to extract as much of the grease from the leather. This is important when considering a restoration service, as quite often pigments will not bond to leather when grease is present. This treatment can be added on to any of the above services - it cannot be sold as a stand alone treatment.

from $35


Category: Refresh

Recommended with this treatment: Stain Protect

Service Includes:

  • Degreasing of specific area

Suitable For:

  • All types of handbags

We Recommend:

Purchasing this treatment alongside any of our Refresh services.


Please note - 100% removal of grease cannot always be guaranteed, this can depend on severity. Degreasing can be a lengthy process, requiring multiple applications, this can impact on waiting times.