Lining Strip

Linings on vintage and older bags can become sticky and crumbly over time. This can transfer on to your hands, clothes and items in your bag. This service involves fully removing all the deteriorating surface of the sticky lining. There is an option to dye the lining underneath once this treatment is completed.

from $150

Lining Strip

Category: Repair

Recommended with this treatment: Stain Protect

Service Includes:

  • Removal of sticky/crumbly coating
  • Full clean of bag after removal
  • Option to dye lining after

Suitable For:

  • All handbags

We Recommend:

This can be bought as a stand alone treatment. If the lining underneath is a lighter colour this can be dyed darker. We recommend this service over a complete lining replacement as it will retain the authenticity of the bag.


Please note - vintage linings can be weak underneath crumbling layer, this can lead to holes or tears. We will endeavour to avoid this.