Stain Protect

Protect your leather items from day to day wear. Our advanced protection treatment is far from the waterproofing gimmicks you see on TV. Using advanced fluoro carbon technology our product protects the leather whilst still letting it breath. Leather needs moisture so it is important to not stop it completely. This protection treatment will stop problems such as liquid staining, oils, dye transfer and uv damage. This water based product is the best money can buy for your bag.

from $35

Stain Protect

Category: Refresh

Recommended with this treatment: Leather Clean

Service Includes:

  • Application of protection over entire bag

Suitable For:

  • All leather types

We Recommend:

Purchasing this alongside any other treatment. You will receive 25% off your next clean for the same bag with the purchase of this service.


Please note - this does not stop surface dirt or dye from a happening, regular cleaning will be required to keep your bag looking its best.