Stain Removal

Spillages happen and quite often the area won't dry back to as it was before, leaving an unsightly stain. Whether it is food, drink, rain drops or something a little more obscure, this Stain Removal service will help to rectify your bag. We use water based cleaning products, pigments and dyes to rectify the stained leather.

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Stain Removal

Category: Restore

Recommended with this treatment: Stain Protect

Service Includes:

  • Specialist stain removal on affected area
  • Colour Restoration on affected area
  • Re-finish of affected leather

Suitable For:

  • Finished leather
  • Aniline leather
  • Lamb skin
  • Calf skin
  • Ostrich leather
  • Snake/Python leather
  • Crocodile leather
  • Other exotic leathers

We Recommend:

If the spillage is food we do recommend a Mould Clean service prior to eliminate any bacteria that may cultivate over time.


Please note - in severe cases a colour change may be recommended. This service must be purchased alongside a Refresh service. If the stain is oil based, a Degreasing service will also be required.